Drug addiction is a very common problem of this generation. The addiction rate among teenagers is the highest. Drug destroys one’s life completely. People lose job, money, education, friends, family and respect. It’s very hard to get out of this situation. This drug problem is not only affecting family but also the whole nation.

Reconciliation Outreach started in 1995 dedicated to those people who are suffering from alcohol and drug addictions. It is also aimed towards the families of the victims. This blog talks about depression, anxiety, stress abuse and other things that lead to addiction. You will find useful resources on drug addiction which will help you to stay alarmed. You will also find recommendations about the best clinics that are available for this purpose.

about1Counseling is one of the best ways to recover from this addiction. Family support and continuous observation can help fight this terrible problem. It is important to raise awareness regarding drug addiction. Many organizations are actively working towards raising awareness among people. We also try to do the same through our blog. If you have any questions regarding our contents, you can write to us. You can also share your opinion in our forum. Let’s all fight together to eradicate this lethal addiction.