Drug addiction is a prevalent problem in our society. You can find lots of resources on this topic. Here are some recommended books that you can read.

r3Mr. Nice, by Howard Marks

Howard Marks was a very successful man. In the mid 1980s he was the owner of five big companies throughout the world. During that time, he got involved in smuggling consignments of marijuana. He had contact with M16, the CIA, the Mafia and other powerful organizations. He was caught and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. After serving 7 years of his sentence, he was released in April 1995. This is the extraordinary story of his life.

r1Breaking The Chain: Drugs and Cycling – The True Story, by Willy Voet

Willy Voet was a Festina team soigneur. He was stopped by the police on 8 July 1998. The police team found drugs in his car. He was arrested and imprisoned for sixteen days. He was dismissed from the Festina team. His sports career came to an end. This is the story of Willy Voet.

r2Acid Dreams: The Complete Social History of LSD, by Martin A. Lee

This book tells the history of LSD and how it spread in the community. LSD was discovered as the most potent drug in 1943. CIA was hoping to use it as a weapon, whereas, psychiatrists believed that it could help in curing some of the mental illnesses. This book talks about each stage of the development of LSD.

All these books are very interesting. The biographies, especially, are very inspiring and emotional. These books will increase your awareness of the drug addiction problems.